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Sweets are very important part of Indian cuisine , in some part of India sweets are essential after meal and in some part they offer sweets before meal . Sweets are offered to God as parsad also on ospesious occasions. Phirni is muglai sweet and very tastefully prefferd by Indians . 

special phirni

  • full fat milk...................3 cups
  • rice...............................1/4 cup
  • almonds.......................8-10
  • sugar............................5 tbsp
  • saffron..........................few strings
  • green cardamom powder..1/2 tsp
  • rose water.....................1 tsp
  • silver leaves..................1
  • method :-
  1. soak almonds in hot water for five min.drain, peel and chopped.
  2. wash and soak rice in sufficient water for half an hour
  3. drain and grind soaked rice into smooth paste dilute this past in half cup of water
  4. now boil milk in saucepan reduce heat ,and add rice paste in it cook on medium flame for about five to ten min ,stirring continuously or till the mix thickens
  5. add sugar ,chopped almonds and cardamom powder .remove from heat and stir in rose water .
  6. remove and pour into earthenware bowls garnish with silver leaves and chill in refrigerator for an hour before serving.decorate with rose pettle


Anonymous said…
my husband love sweets specially Indian sweets so i usually made in my daily meals ......i know u all make some thing special for your share with me what all u are making in your kitchen ....ummmmmmmm i am waiting lol's

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