Tea time snacks 

Veg balls


potatos (boil and mashed) - 4 to 5
green chilly (chopped) - 2

green coriander - 3 tbsp
nutrila( keema slyle granules boil n strain) - 1/2 cup
ginger(chopped) - 1 tbsp
bread crumbs - 5 tbsp
salt,red chilly,amchoor,garam masala -according to taste
cornflakes (crushed) -1 cup
ice-cream sticks -12 pes
oil for frying
cornflower mix into little water -2 tbsp

Mix all the ingredients except cornflakes and cornflower . mix properly and than make 12
balls out of it, take icecream stick and put inside the ball give ball a shape of loly and dip into cornflower and roll into cornflakes. deep fry till golden brown and serve with chutney


MINAL said…
these vege lolipops are really good as evening snax and healthy enjoy
Bhawna Bagri said…
its a new twist adding corn flakes in veg follower...
Simply Delicious
minal sharma said…
Thanks Bhawana !!! And welcome to world of spices :)