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homemade curry masalas

INDIAN SPICESare almost always the secret magic ingredients that imparts most of the flavor to Indian food, and there's nothing like a homemade fresh masala for curry. There are several recipes for currypowders, but this one is the most widely-used. A mix of severalspiceslightly roasted and ground into a finepowder,Garam Masalais much like all-spice, except with different flavors , curry powders are different for different curries in India  . These fragrant spices are best made fresh just before cooking, but since most of us do not havethe luxury of time, it works in our favor that all curry masalas can be stored for 3-4 months without losing its flavor and aroma! It is indeed very easy to make, and just adding a pinch will goa longway to give a lasting impression to your recipes. Every household has its own recipe, and hereI sharemydadi ma’s all type of curry masalarecipes, hoping that it will win you more accolades as a cook, just as it has doneto me! GARAM MASALA, which literall…