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orange blossome

Orange blossom
Vanilla ice-cream…….2 scoops Orange squash………..1/2 cup Lemon juice……………..2 tsp Limca/lemonade……….1 bottle
Method 1.Blend the Limca/lemonade, vanilla ice-cream, lemon juice and orange squash in a liquidizer. 2.Serve with crushed ice topped with some fresh fruit. Serve chilled.

sunshine cooler

Sunshine cooler


scorching heat and heatstrock....

Hot summers and scorching heat sweat and lots of cases of heatstroke and dehydration its really important to take precautions …..stay at home is not the solution we all know that so we have to see some other important tips Very high temperatures in summer, coupled with strenuous exercises, lead to excessive perspiration, which in turn leads to loads of fluid loss from the body. To replenish, we can depend on water and other beverages, seasonal fruits and vegetables to meet the increased fluid needs.

Since our body cannot store water, one must drink plenty of it to recover losses and maintain healthy functioning of body cells.
During summers, the water intake could mean even double the recommended water intake which is about six to eight glasses of water. As much as two litres can be lost in excessive heat. Therefore, beverages are extremely essential to stay hydrated. Inadequate water intake can lead to hyper filtration that damages the kidneys and leads to the formation of renal stones. J…