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Kohlrabi and cottage cheese curry' Kashmiri style'

As I mention earlier also my husband is posted in Kashmir , this is my first trip to this heavenly place . Being posted hear I thought what can be so interesting then explore kashmiri culture and cuisine . This place is extremely beautiful with the  blessings  of Mother Nature and believe me I have never seen such a prosperity in my life you name a fruit, vegetables , berries and nuts you will find hear. And  Kashmiri food is so rich and aromatic that you will not be able to say no to it . I am pure vegetarian ,earlier my friends mention to me that this place is for non-vegetarians and kashmiri food is more famous for its non-vegetarian dishes like rogan-josh , goshtaba , yakhni , ristha etc. as I started exploring I found even this cuisine has plenty of interesting vegetarian dishes also and they are as good as non-vegetarian dishes very aromatic and rich.

ganth gobhi 

In my vegetable garden I found few kohlrabi ,ganth gobhi or kadam as kashmiri called it . This vegetable belong to cauliflower family and have a very interesting shape . One of my kashmiri friend once gave me a recipe in which they use kadam with paneer or cottage cheese I thought today is a day to try that interesting recipe .

I washed them properly and start preparation . In original recipe only tomatoes are used but I really like that sour taste of yakhni gravy so I added little curd also to it .
For this I took ...

Kohlrabi(ganth gobi)..............3 in number with leaves 

Cottage cheese .....................150 gms , cut into big pieces 

Garlic(finely chopped)............1/2cup

Onion(finely  chopped)............2 medium sized 

Tomato(finely chopped)..........3 medium sized

Green chilly(roughly chopped)...4-5

Ginger.....................................a small piece

Oil........................................... 4 tbsp

Fennel seeds powder ............2 tsp

mustard seeds............2 tsp

Turmeric powder.........1tsp

Coriander powder.......2 tsp

Red chilly powder....1 tsp / ** kashmiri masala .....1 tsp 

Salt to taste

Garam masala-2 tsp

Water-as needed

Procedure is really simple Wash and soak Kohlrabi in water for some time.Now cut one Kohlrabi into six pieces right from stem bulb along with leaves.Break the stem of leave with hand from two or three places.Repeat the same procedure for rest two Kohlrabi . Clean and chop leaves nicely . I prefer to take tender leaves .

Now heat oil in a pressure cooker,add fennel seeds and black mustard seeds,allow to pop and add garlic,ginger,onion and saute till golden color appears.

In a blender add chopped tomatoes and green chilly ,add the sautéed onion garlic and blend to make a puree.

Now back to the cooker,add the purée in it with all spices and salt.Cook till oil comes out then add curd in it stir for some time and add good amount of water.Let the water boil and add chopped Kohlrabi and cover the lid.

Now let it cook on low flame for at-least 30-40 min. Or 10 to 12 whistles.(checkout for water by shaking cooker ,if seems less turn off heat and add more water).

When it is cooked perfectly it leaves its own oil .Remove from heat when ready.
At the end sprinkle garam masala on top and garnish with green coriander.
Serve hot with rice . 
** kashmiri masala is a special masala available in grocery stores in kashmir . This masala is very aromatic and add taste to curries .

For more such recipes go to ...


Sneha said…
Really different and delicious..!
A must try for all..
Hasmhi Mehnaz said…
Thanks Minal. Today I bought Kholrabi and was searching the recipe and ur post really helped

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