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Coconut chutney

This is one of the most ubiquitous side dishes, in south india any savoury snack is generally accompanied by coconut chutney. This popular accompaniment is usually served with the popular idlis, dosas and vadas .

1 cup grated coconut
2 small green chillies , chopped
1 tsp grated ginger (adrak)
1 tbsp roasted chana dal (Daria )
salt to taste

For The Tempering
1/2 tsp mustard seeds ( rai / sarson)
1 red chilli , broken into pieces
2 to 3 curry leaves (kadi patta)
1 tsp oil

Aloo tikki chat' An Indian Street Food'

Aloo tikki chat or stuffed potato cutlet with yogurt and chutneys. but Indian cuisine is incomplete without Indian street food and believe me these Indian chatkaras are so delicious that we can't resist without having them when ever we go out to the market .

Aloo Tikki Chat'An Indian street food'

Ingredients Needed:

For the Stuffing

Papri chat

One of the best mouthwatering Indian street food: PAPRI CHAT must be wondering what a papri is ?
Actually papri is a crispy fried  flour disk which is topped with different types of chutney's and yogurt.A very simple indian street food, enjoy its crispness with Indian spices and aromas..  
To simplify it a step by step recipe is as follow ...

Papri Chat ' An Indian Street Food'

For papri

Gol gappas / pani puri/ puchka/ spicy water balls

Gol gappa / panipuri/ puchka whatever you name it. I would like to confess, I can't live without having it at-least twice a week. yummy taste and its so delicious i can't express fact  you have to experience it yourself. you know some of my foreign friends named it spicy water balls  and believe me they just loved it...very simple to make at home ...I find street golgappas are extremely delicious but some times you have to do some healthy compromises for your kids  :( i make it at home..

Golgappas / Spicy Water Balls 

Tamarind chutney

A tangy, sweet and  tasty chutney very commonly used in Indian cuisine can use it other ways also like as a sandwich spread or a barbecue sauce ..

Tamarind chutney

coriander and mint chutney

A Green and Spicy chutney also known as the Hari/Green Chutney is made from fresh coriander and mint leaves along with green chillies, ginger and lemon and a dash of sugar that gives this chutney a unique flavor. This mint and coriander chutney is a favorite Indian accompaniment for Samosas, dhoklas and almost all type of street food  that go incomplete without this chutney. This chutney is also used as a sandwich spread. 

Dry peanut and garlic chutney

Peanut and garlic dry chutney, very commonly  used  with Maharashtrian and south Indian cuisine. aroma of garlic and taste & health benefits of peanuts and garlic make this spicy chutney very special ..some times we sprinkle it on sandwich spreads also to make them special ..

Dry Peanut & Garlic chutney 

Green coconut chutney

This chutney has a aromatic flavor of coriander with the goodness of coconut, widely used and accomplished with south Indian cuisine.


5 to 6 green chilies , roughly chopped
2 tbsp tamarind (imli)
salt to taste
4-5 tbsp grated coconut
1 cup chopped coriander (dhania)
1 tbsp coconut oil or any other refined oil

Coriander chutney

very aromatic coriander / Dhaniya Chutney also known as the Hari/Green Chutney is made from fresh coriander along with green chilies  ginger, peanuts and lemon, aroma of coriander/ cilantro gives this chutney a unique flavor. This green chutney is a great accomplishment  with Indian cuisine like biryanis and chats 

Coriander chutney

cottage cheese croquettes


1  cup boiled mix vegetable  1  cup mashed paneer ' cottage cheese' 2  Tbsp chopped green coriander  2  green chilies chopped  1  small onion chopped  2  Tbsp dry bread crumbs 2 tsp maxican seasoning 

Crispy coriander fritters' kothambir vada'

kothambir vada Crispy coriander fritters

As I told you earlier Indian food and spices provide health benefits . We have always made food keeping in mind the health benefits that the food will serve us. My grandma always taught me how to make food with love .
And you know coriander / cilantro, or dhania, has great health benefits, namely treatment of swellings, lowering cholesterol levels, diarrhea, Mouth ulcers, anemia, digestion, menstrual disorders, small pox, eye care, conjunctivitis, skin disorders, blood sugar disorders, etc. etc. etc.
And you'll be amazed to know that It has eleven components of essential oils, six types of acids (including ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin-C), minerals and vitamins, each having a number of beneficial properties.

So with the combination of so much health benefits coriander is ofcourse an important part of our daily meal . I am sharing a very tasty fritter made up of coriander;.... healthy crispy coriander fitters .