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Lebanese veg rolls

A very interesting recipe my kids love these Lebanese roll with lots of cheese... you also try some variations and let me know how your kids like that this way we all will be benefited.. 

Lebanese veg rolls


Basic pizza dough .........for six

Garlic knots

One of my tried and tested recipe. These garlic knots are always a hit whenever i call for a party and keep Continental as a menu. My friends often request me for this recipe, so friends this recipe is specially for you all...
Garlic knots

For dough :

Pizza pockets

Sometime you want to do something very different from your regular routine and want to explore special things from all around  and I usually do that …today I found some leftovers in my fridge and I started exploring for something really great .Get ready to add a new favorite dinner to your weekly rotation… pizza pockets!!!! These are so tasty that everybody in your family will love it and the best part is you can use up food or leftovers from your fridge for the fillings. Little ones might especially enjoy making   their own pizza pocket so don’t be afraid to get them involved. Their friends might like to help as well, for the next sleepover or birthday.These crescent roll pizza pockets take only about 5 minutes to make, and they are so yummy.These can also be made in different ways, using different fillings

Basic pizza dough .......1 recipe
Oil ...2 tbsp
Onion ..............2 chopped
Baby corns......200 gm cut into very small pieces
Mushroom .........1 cut into thin slices…

Cherry chutney

cherry chutney

Ingredients :

Sour cherry .... 500 GM
Panch pooran .....3tbsp
Jaggery ...............300 GM
Salt per taste
Red chili powder .....2 tsp
Oil........3 tbsp