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Green chili pickle traditional style

All time favorite green chilli pickle. We all love the way our grandma and mom use to make pickles .whenever I go to my mom's place I search for her handmade pickles. This time my grandma shared this secret recipe with me and I tried it myself ,it turns out so well that I thought I must share this recipe with my friends but do you know what's the secret is?? I am ready to reveal it that is COOK FOOD WITH LOVE AND PASSION WITH YOUR HEART AND THEN SEE THE MAGIC YOU CAN TURN A SIMPLE RECIPE INTO A EXOTIC DISH ..and I religiously follow that believe me it works ....

Green Chili pickle

vegetables in coconut curry 'micro recipe'

vegetables in coconut curry 

Vegetable coconut curry

DO you know how exiting it is to make something different ...for me this curry is a little unusual cause i am not a south-indian nor do i belong to a coastal region but i tried to make it as authentic as it is . and believe me it came out so good that i fell in love with this curry. one of my south-Indian friend gave me this recipe long time back and now it is included in my  regular  menu .  
Vegetable coconut curry

Ingredients :

Instant green chilli pickle ' microwave recipe'

Instant Chilli pickle 'microwave recipe '
A quick concoction that you can make whenever you have a few extra chillies in your vegetable basket or in garden . Shelf life is good so you might like to make it in a larger quantity .

Spinach kaddi ' spinach curry in yogurt'

Palak kaddi a very unusual kaddi with the goodness of spinach , it's sweet and tangy taste will definitely tickle your taste buds ...

For kadhi :
1 cup curd
2 tbsp chickpea flour/ gram flour
1 tbsp tamarind paste