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Amritsari dal Vadi ( sun dried lintel dumplings )

Today it's a hot sunny day in Kashmir and I am planing to make urad dal Vadi , it will help me during extreme winters when there is snow all around and shortage of vegetables . Dal Vadi is very healthy and is considered to be a dry ,vegetable substitute. it is made of lintels packed with proteins.  Although Vadi is available in the market but I prefer home made food more than ready-made .the Process is very simple and interesting. I will explain the procedure to you after the recipe.
Powdered Urad Dal - 2 cup ( 400 grams) Ginger - 1 inch long(grated) Coriander(whole) - 2 tbsp Saunff/fennel(whole) - 2 tsp Red chilly powder - 1/4 tsp Black pepper - 12 to 15 Heeng(asafoetida) -1 to 2 pinch
The above mentioned are the ingredients required for Vadi  . Mix  powdered urad dal , coriander, Saunff, black pepper and make a thick coarse powder, And make a paste out of

Kashmiri dum aloo, (potato curry )

Today my kitchen is all set for Kashmiri dum aloo, my husband is posted to Kashmir these days..vegetable availability is a great problem here, and specially for vegetarians . First thing which clicked me was potatoes.these are always available to save us from any type of sever conditions.  Dum aloo is a delicacy of Kashmir nicely pricked and fried potatoes in curd gravy with a strong flavor of Aniseeds and cardamom  enhance the taste of these potatoes. 

For this I took 4 - good medium sized potatoes and par boiled them . I peeled them and then