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Sama upma ; barnyard millet with vegetables;

It's the Festive season in India! It's starts from navratra and will continue for the whole year . We Indians really enjoy festivals and celebrate each of them very enthusiastically. In a few festivals we keep fasts and in a few we celebrate with full pomp and show . Navratra is a nine day festival .During navratra some people keeps nine days fast and only eat fruits and fruits substitutes. 
sama or samvat  is also commonly called as vrat ke chawal. since during fasting we abstain from cereal grains and to make any rice based dishes we use samvat or sama grains instead of rice.
These are not exactly rice variety or even associated with rice. basically they are from the millet family. the english name for sama ke chawal is barnyard millet. the other indian names for barnyard millet is vari, varai, sanwa, samwa and swang. they are small tiny millet creamish grains as shown in the pic below. sama rice are a good health option during fasting days and also make a good gluten free gra…

Aloo Vadi ( potato and lintel dumpling curry)

Aloo Vadi is one of my favorites , urad dal Vadi adds on taste to this simple potato dish . In my previous post I explained how to make urad dal Vadi . My sun dried lintel dumplings are now ready to use ,  we can use these Vadi's in many ways . Today I am using it with aloo which is a popular name of potatoes in India. For this I'll take four nice potatoes then I am going to peel them,cut them and pressure cook them in onion gravy with hand full of sun dried Wadis which will be ready in 3-4 whistles . Very simple yet tasty dish must try ...
For this we required :

Urad dal Vadi ( sun dried lintel dumplings) ......100 grams
Potato.................4 medium
Onion ,  finely chopped2 medium Ginger,   finely chopped Green chillies ........3-4 , chopped Oil.......................3 tablespoons Cumin seeds........1/2 teaspoon Tomato,pureed.......2 large Turmeric powder.....1 teaspoon Coriander powder...2 teaspoons Cumin powder........1/2 teaspoon Red chilli powder....1/2 teaspoon