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Lauki raita ( bottle gourd curd dip)

Lauki raita :

Today I made lauki ka raita , lauki or  bottle gourd is a very healthy vegetable as you all know it has medicinal values and is also very rich in iron and vitamin C and B complex . For this, I grated 1 small bottle gourd with a grater and boiled it in 1 cup of water with 1/4 tsp of salt and squeezed out excess water when it became tender.

Boondi raita ( fried and crispy chickpea balls in curd dip)

 Boondi raita :

Boondi raita is a very popular curd preparation in India , in all auspicious occasion boondi raita is served as accomplishment. For this first I made boondi, for which I took 1/4 cup of chickpea flour , added 1/4 tsp of turmeric and very little salt and made a batter out of it ( batter should be pouring consistency ) for making boondi or chickpea balls I have taken perforated ladle (To accomplish this you need to use a flat skimmer, strainer or perforated ladle that has several round holes on the surface, each about the size of a whole black peppercorn). The critical part of boondi making is to use the right kind of utensil for the batter to drop through the holes into the hot oil to form the little pearl shaped fried balls. These fried balls can be store in

Pineapple raita (pineapple curd dip)

With a very good combination of fruit and curd this tasty raita is my kids favorite side dish in any dinner or lunch party . What more is required then a good health of my family and this dish is full of nutrition . So I decided I will include this side dish once a week in my regular menu .
For this we required :

Curd dips / Raita's

Raita is an Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi condiment made with yogurt (dahi) and used as a sauce or dip. The yogurt may be seasoned with coriander, cumin, mint, cayenne pepper, and other herbs and spices. We Indians use curd in so many ways, gravy, dips and Raitas are very popular among us.these dips and Raitas are very delicious and healthy as they are combined with different type of fruits and vegetables . 

Lauki raita : This curd dip with bottle guard is a healthy side dish.

 Boondi raita :small balls of chickpea flour adds special flavor to this side dish.
Aloo raita : All time favorite potatoes  

Beat root raita : Very healthy and yet tasty combination. 

Green chutney raita : Tangy and spicy
Onion and tomato raita :special crunch of vegetables add a wow factor in this dish.
Pineapple raita : sweet fruity curd dip suitable for any meal.

Sooji ladoo ' semolina and coconut sweet balls'

A perfect sweet for festive season I made these for Deepawali  , you can make this for thanks giving or coming Christmas , these semolina balls are all time favorite as well as healthy too. It's very easy to make these balls with minimum ingredients required. For this you just need semolina , grated fresh coconut and powdered sugar in fact you can make it sugar free also by omitting sugar and adding sugar free in it .