Chutney sandwich ( Indian style)

Today it's snowing outside no electricity and extreme cold , who wants to go and cook in such a whether ??? it's extremely a lazy day for me.  I like to enjoy such a beautiful whether with a cup of soup and a plate full of Sandwiches . Sandwiches are all time favorites and I like them because one can experiment a lot with sandwiches already so many types are available in market but it is entirely up to an individual  how they want theirs, that's why sandwich parlors are there.It's so simple that anybody can make it even kids , just need a few ingredients , little ideas , vege of your choice and you can create your own subway yourself . 
Let's take you to the experimental journey of sandwiches . First in series is a very simple chutney sandwich even in this simple sandwich you can experiment a lot lets see the variations..

   Chutney Sandwich


1 small bowl ... mint chutney
10 big slices .. bread
50 g ..........butter
8-9 tbsp ...grated cheese 

For the Mint Chutney:

a handful - fresh mint leaves
a small bunch - coriander leaves
4 - green chillies
1 - small onion
1 small piece - ginger
6 flakes - garlic
1 - lemon
salt to taste
9-10  tbsp tomato ketchup 


Prepare the green mint chutney by grinding together all the ingredients to a smooth paste.
Trim the sides of the bread. Apply butter on half the slice of the bread; apply chutney to the other half.
On the buttered slice of the bread apply tomato ketchup and grated cheese .
Place the slice with chutney on top and diagonally cut into two halves.
Repeat the same with other slices of bread.
Serve with hot soup or with evening tea. 

Variations ..

1. Instead of regular green chutney you can give a tasty twist to it by adding a little curd and fresh coconut to it.
2. You can add dates in chutney to give a little sweet tinge. 
3. Instead of grated cheese u can add cheese slice or just omit cheese and add salad leaves .
4. Can take three slices and add ketchup layer separately as I did in these sandwiches to gave them a nice look .