Cucumber and Mustard raita with mint ( cucumber mustard curd dip )

A special Raita or curd dip from mountains , ya this special raita is a delicacy of Uttaranchal , although I also belong to mountains but I never tried it before but heard lot about it from my mom. This time I got this opportunity to taste it and learnt it from my dearest friends Madhu . In fact I almost forced her to make this on luncheon at her place. Raita was superb and believe me after that it has become the most popular raita I ever made , my family loved it so here is the recipe just follow step by step and you are done .

Cucumber And Mustard Raita 


½ cucumber, washed, de-seeded and coarsely grated
½ tsp  salt
1 tbs black mustard seeds
2 green chillies 
300ml natural yoghurt (beaten curd)
2 tbs finely chopped fresh mint
Black salt 
Black pepper


 1. Mix the grated cucumber with the salt, which will suck excess water out of the cucumber flesh.
 2.Transfer to a sieve over a bowl to catch the bright green drips and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. After          this time, rinse the salt off the cucumber and press the excess juices by squeezing it. 
 3. Heat a dry frying pan or skillet. Add the mustard seeds and toast, shaking, with the lid on to prevent the         seeds from popping everywhere. Crush it with green chillies and mint leaves to make a fine paste out of it  4. Mix this paste with curd with the other ingredients. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
 5. In a small pan heat 1/2 tsp of oil add a few cumin seeds in it wait till crackled add on raita as baghar.
 6.   Chill and serve.