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Gur chana / jaggery coated roasted chickpeas

Very tasty, crunchy yet healthy snack for kids, full of protein . I often make this crunchy delight for munching. 

 Jaggery Coated roasted chickpeas 


 2 cups ....roasted.chickpeas
Gur/Jaggery, Grated,  ¾ cup ( adjust as per taste)


Dry roast the pre roasted chickpeas in a non stick skillet or microwave oven and let cool. 

Melt gur in a non stitck pan on a low flame and let it come to a boil. You will know it’s done once it kind of starts pulling away from the edges. 

Add roasted chickpeas and mix well for a couple of minutes till the gur has coated the chickpeas completely on all sides ,sprinkle a little water in it so that jaggery coated nicely on chickpeas. ( do not add too much of water )
Stir continuously do not leave otherwise it will over cook or burn.
If the mixture in the pan becomes hard in the meanwhile, reheat again at a low flame. Separate them , Let them cool and store in an airtight container. 


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