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Misal pav ( maharashtrian cuisine )

As an army officer's wife I get the opportunity to live in different places .I was never aware of the vast variety of Maharasthrian recipes until We got posted to Pune. Over a period of time I learnt a few recipes from friends which I have made several times now.Among those recipes,Misal Pav is one of my favorite . I prepare this quite regularly at home for either dinner or breakfast.I am sure if you are tasting it for the first time you will definitely like it.
Misal Pav is prepared with a few variations in different places in Maharashtra like Puneri Misal, Kolhapuri Misal etc.Though I have not tasted all the versions but I would love to try them when I visit those places.There are also a few variations in the way they serve misal pav like ether you serve tarri  on top of pav or serve separately  but believe me which ever way you choose the final product is just yummy 'Misal' is a spicy sprouted bean gravy topped with various farsaan (namkeen), chopped onions and coriander …

Shahenshahi potatoes in spinach gravy

I am really a big green vegetable lover and want to try all possible ways to cook it. today i am cooking it
with potatoes. spinach and potatoes make a very good combination and we often make it as dry vegetable like bhurji but this time i am making it with a little difference ....instead of normaly cut potatoes i am using tandoori style baby potatoes in it . Try this exotic vegetable once and believe me it will be easily incorporated in your exotic party menu .