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Mattar kachori ( savory fried puff pastries stuffed with peas )/ How To Make Perfect Mattar Kachori

I usually avoid to much of oily things in day to day menu but some times I made kachori's (Indian fried puff pastries ) and paratha's ( stuffed flat bread) just to add some variety in my daily menu . We Indians  really like fried stuff for breakfast. in the countryside they like to have paratha's with buttermilk and homemade white butter, actually they are very hardworking they leave home early in the morning and they spend the whole day working in farms or factories and return back only in the evening. So for them heavy breakfast is really important, it gives energy for the whole day and they don't feel hungry .  For us as we live in the urban areas we don't do much hard work we just sit at one place like offices and also we have to be a little conscious about our diet . We can't afford oily stuff daily but once in while we can enjoy these delicacies . Coming back to the point Mutter kachori  is a very popular street food of Delhi and we often make it at home al…

Savory Semolina Cake

Baking is my second love as my first love is my family and when i cook for them i want to see that spark in their eyes and smiles on their faces, that increase my confidence level and makes me happy. Cooking is fun and experimenting new dishes is very exiting . It gives a boost like meditation that's why whenever i feel low , i just cook something for my family and their smiling faces give me amazing strength . Today in the baking series i am sharing a Gujarati delight- 'A semolina cake' which they call HANDVO  a very interesting savory semolina cake ...basically a mixture of vegetables with semolina and coconut. A very tasty snack for evening tea or breakfast. 

Savory Semolina Cake: