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Complete List of Culinary Herbs and spices

Thanks for your interest in Minal's spice world .....please take some time and leave your reviews as this will help us to rate our recipes and encourage us to give you our best ... Today i am sharing some important herbs and spices which we often use in Indian cooking  and giving there common Indian names also in Hindi this will help those who find it a little difficult to co-relate. i'l keep updating the list every few months.

English                                                                                  Hindi

ALMONDS                                                                         BADAM ASAFOETIDA                                                                    HING AUBERGINE                                                                      BAIGAN

Chena murki ( A Bengoli sweet ) / How To Make Chena Murki

Indian sweets are incomplete without Bengoli sweets . Sweets occupy an important place in the diet of Bengalis and at their social ceremonies. It is an ancient custom among both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis to distribute sweet during festivals.  The sweets of Bengal are generally made of sweetened cottage cheese (chena), unlike the use of khoa (reduced solidified milk) in Northern India. Some important sweets of Bengal are ... Shôndesh, roshogulla, chena ladoo, chum chum etc. etc.  Bangoli sweet preparations are not very difficult but little tricky just follow steps properly and you will get wonderful results. Chena murki is one of them , Chena murki is a Bengali sweet, which has coatings of sugar on it. Preparation of chena murki is very easy and less time taking. The ingredients that are the requirements of chena murki recipe are very basic and are mostly available at homes. The sweet is in the shape of cubes. Chena murki recipe is very simple and this sweet can be prepared easily by foll…

Lazees brinjal lazawab ( eggplant fitters in tomato curry )/ How To Make Stuffed Brinjal Curry

when I heard about brinjal fitters I found it so exiting that  I thought about a nice kofta curry made out of brinjal . My girls are not very fond of brinjal and I am sure that the picture is same in most of the houses . I tried almost all the possible dishes to make them eat it. Finally I gave up but this time I am pretty sure if you will try this interesting recipe they will like it and want you to cook it again . I am just crossing my fingers and including it in today's lunch menu lets see ...keep updating me what happened at your side :)  
Lazeez Brinjal lazawab 

Apple crumble / How To Make Apple Crumble Pudding

Another apple pudding which I really like to make often for dinner parties. Parties are very common in our Indian society we welcome our guests warmheartedly and treat them like God !! Coming back to point, this recipe is so quick and easy that anybody can make it within no time that's the reason I like this pudding so much. Without wasting any more time lets get back to the pudding so that you can make  and try it yourself and let me know how you like it . Although it is a very popular British pudding but we also relish it and like it.. it's just yummmm... So gear up your kitchen tools and start making this exotic pudding by following step by step instructions .

Apple crumble

DHOKLA CHI CURRY ( chickpea flour cake in curry )

I tried to make something very unusual and it turned out to be very tasty.I am talking about my new recipe DHOKLA CHI CURRY I gave it this name because I actually made the curry with leftover dhokla and it turned out so tasty that I could see the twinkle in my daughters' eyes . Must try this wonder recipe ,you can try it with fresh dhoklas also the taste will definitely amazed you, I bet!