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Stuffed bread with corn and mushroom filling

Today I am preparing a very special Meal for ladies luncheon , it's really wonderful to specially make a meal for ladies ..this is the time when you have to show them all your culinary skills and it becomes more difficult when you know that they all are equally talented . You have to  take it as a challenge, to impress them. And that way you tend to learn so many new things too. Back to the recipe, today again I am trying to impress them with my baking skills so I am making stuffed bread and simultaneously I am posting a step by step recipe for you all.... I copied this recipe longtime back when I was learning how to bake , so I don't exactly remember which site but ya I have tried it many times and I have never failed. I just wanted to say thanks to the blogger who shared this recipe .
For stuffed bread.....


How to make instant crispy rawa dosa / semolina crapes

I visited southern India recently with my husband . On asking the concierge of the hotel about some interesting restaurants in chennai , he recommended that I should go to a old uddipi restaurant in down town . It was a nice but a small restaurant I got friendly with a restaurateur who taught me this recipe and whenever I serve these instant and crispy crapes / dosas they are always praised.  These semolina crapes are so much in demand among us that every second day they are in our favorite breakfast list .
Instant and Crispy Rava Dosa 

How to make vegetable tikki burger/ Home Made Eggless Bun

You all know about my second love as I mentioned it earlier also,yes, ' baking ' and as you know I try to make everything possible at home and believe me it's fun . But all depends on how you want to go about it  ...burger buns are easily available at any grocery store but I rarely use them as I like to make my own, if you also want to try it out at home follow all the steps carefully and you will get the same good looking buns ...
Vegetable Tikki Burger 

For Home Made Burger Bun ...

How to make Cheese stuffed pizza

Making a homemade pizza crust is really very simple. And cheese stuffed crust is one of my favorite even my kids just love it. Although pizza bases are  readily available in any grocery store or bakery but taste of homemade stuff is anytime better than  those , some times I also use the ready made base when I am in hurry . But generally I prefer homemade crust.  You’ll need: All purpose flour, a little bit of sugar, fresh rapid rise yeast (check your date), Olive Oil (can use vegetable oil), little bit of salt  and warm water.  I prefer rapid rise yeast of any brand because it works very fast. This pizza crust is ready to go in under half an hour when you use rapid rise. Just go with what works for you. Water temperature is one of the most important things when it comes to working with yeast. Too hot, and it will kill your yeast. Too cold and it won’t activate it or will make it slow. The key here is to check as you check 'baby milk' it should be perfect warm ,you can easily make…