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Stuffed capsicum / stuffed bell peppers with potato and cottage cheese

Stuffed capsicum is one of my favorites . Green bell peppers combined with spiced up potatoes and baked with a dollop of butter, gives out delectable flavors. I make stuffed capsicum as a side dish with any meal .  I really love the flavor of bell peppers in any form I make so many dishes out of it and all of them taste fantastic, capsicum is used in all Indian cuisine very commonly and all the versions are super tasty. I'll try and post all of them one by one.
Stuffed capsicum 

Potato finger/ finger chips / potato finger with garlic flavor

A little different Indian version of famous potato finger. This spicy version of finger chips will definitely  tinkle your taste buds and you can surprise your kids who love fast food by this crispy crunchy potato fingers . The taste and crispiness of Potato Finger Chips is surprisingly close to the french fries sold in any food joint.  And you can make it as spicy as you want instead of having a bland version of it. I am sure your kids will loved it as mine do. 

Quinoa risotto with zeerish berries and tofu

This super grain quinoa was first introduced to me by my sis-in-law she bought it for me from Indianapolis before that I had never ever heard about it, it's difficult to find it in regular grocery stores, but now it's available with big stores. 

I read somewhere that few days back quinoa was as mysterious as dark matter. Few could even pronounce the name of this ancient, disk-shaped “super grain” mistakenly calling it kwih-NO-ah (it’s KEEN-wah). It tasted a little strange, home cooks didn’t know what to do with it .  But now quinoa is everywhere, everyone knows everything about it. You'll probably recognize its flavor and crunchy texture. When I was told that it’s not a grain at all, but rather a chenopod related to spinach and beets, I was extremely surprised. And amazed to know that worldwide demand for quinoa has become so high that many of those who live in the regions of Bolivia where the crop is grown can no longer afford to buy it.  My first experience with it was very…

Dahi ki bhindi / okra curry in curd gravy

An amazingly tasty recipe , okra curry !!! Just after marriage when my friend told me about this amazing recipe, I did't find it very interesting as the first picture that came to my mind was a slimy liquid okra's picture and I decided in my mind that I am not going to try this slimy vegetable in any case. But to my surprise when I saw it, the dish was very different and was looking very exotic. To my surprise it was not at all slimy and sour curd was giving the dish a very tasty flavor.  Now this recipe is one of my favorites love to serve it with naan or roti. Last so many days I was waiting to post this recipe , just I was waiting for okra to be seen in Kashmir , today I got the first glair of okra in vegetable shop and quickly thought of sharing this recipe with you all.   If you are planing to include this dish for some special lunch or dinner then add 1/2 cup grated coconut and 2 tbsp of cashew ground them into paste and add in curry and get creamy and rich gravy . But for …

Chole bhature/ pindi chole aur bharure

Festival of Holi is on, we Indians love this festival as this is the festival of colours which brings joy, happiness and fills our life with colours. We all celebrate this festival with full on josh as this festival brings all of us together . We make whole lots of  savories and special combination food at this time , most famous and enjoyable combination is punjabi chola bhatoora, an all time favorite meal loved by all North Indian and I am sure at other part too.  My favorite dish Amritsari Chole Bhature recipe from Punjabi Cuisines! I just love to see Chole Bhature in a restaurant when served to others.  There are various versions of Chole Bhature in Punjab-India. However I thought of making the authentic Amritsari Chole Bhature for my family and share with my readers. Honestly it turned out really delicious and tasty. My family and  guests were drooling over them. Even the Bhatures were damn neat. I felt these home-mades were anyday better than those served in a Dhaba or a five star …

Holi special

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A very Happy  Holi to all my friends, may this Holi splashingly wonderful and colorful ...   

Holi Special