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Paneer pasanda ( stuffed cottage cheese in creamy buttery gravy )

Paneer pasanda !! Another cottage cheese recipe in the series cottage cheese or paneer are all time favorites for all the veggie lovers and for all important meals wether it is a party or an important occasion, this creamy dish is epic. This time I made it for a very special occasion ; my husband's birthday party although I made many other dishes also like malai kofta, achari mix veg, chole and dahi vadas with missi roti and naan along with special paneer jalebi with rabri , you will find most of them in my posts and I will post the rest of them soon as I have already clicked pictures of them. 

The Main attraction was the cake, I will start posting my special cake pics and main recipes also for you all you know baking is my passion and my business too. Coming back to the recipe, credits to Sanjeev kapoor's book as I tried it a long time back when I started my cooking lessons and that time I usually follow his books as his recipes never fails. Since then I am following this …

Gur chana / jaggery coated roasted chickpeas

Very tasty, crunchy yet healthy snack for kids, full of protein . I often make this crunchy delight for munching. 
 Jaggery Coated roasted chickpeas 


Aloo palak bhaji ( spinach and potato dry curry)

Healthy green fresh spinach is always welcome in Indian kitchen we include so many type of green vegetables in our daily menu like sarso ka saag, palak ka saag, chane ka saag, Kashmiri haak saag etc. etc and some exotic dishes like palak paneer, shahenshahi aloo palak , vegetables in spinach bed you will find almost all the recipes in my blog, but this particular vegetable is very simple to cook and very healthy to eat . Spinach and potatoes make an excellent combination, my grandma used to say that nutritious value of this vegetable increase when you cook it in iron skillet so I usually try to do that . Enjoy this simple yet healthy 'Aloo Palak Bhaji ' 

Aloo Palak Bhaji ( Spinach and Potato Curry )

Gujarati kadhi ( sweet and sour yogurt curry)

One more delicacy from Gujarat, Gujarati cuisine is incomplete without special sweet and sour kadhi of Gujarat . One of my favorite kadhi , every region in india has their own way of making kadhis like punjabi kadhi, Rajasthani kadhi , Sindhi kadhi and so on and I shared almost all of them in my posts. Even though i love the punjabi kadhi with pakoras, i also like the gujarati kadhi. Punjabi kadhi is made from sour yogurt and is thick. whereas the gujarati kadhi is thin and sweet as jaggery/sugar is added to it. i love both the versions.