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Vegetable fried rice

Today I wanted to introduce Chinese cuisine in Indian style ..ya Indo -Chinese cuisine a very popular cuisine among Indians . Surprisingly Indo-Chinese cuisine is so popular among us that in a period of time it engulf our cuisines and become one of the favorite among Indians .  Indo Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking according to Indian tastes. The cuisine originated from the small Chinese community that lived in Kolkata for over a century.  Fried rice comes first in series ....Fried rice is one of the most loved dish of Indo-Chinese cuisine.As most of us know Indo-Chinese is not the authentic Chinese cuisine,but the Chinese food adjusted to Indian tongue :) 
Vegetable Fried Rice 

Dal Makhani

Traveling from last so many days as I have lost my aunt, she was a legendary person and an excellent cook. Although I hardly stayed with her but So many of my relatives always say that my cooking is inspired by her. May be true since childhood I saw her and my mom cooking together in all important family gatherings and occasions I have learned so many traditional dishes from her.  Coming back to the point one more addition to traditional kitchen i.e Dal Makhani Creamy mix lintels in spicy tadka, often we get this dal in highway Dhabas ( Dhabas are street restros in India where you get freshly made food in reasonable rates ) and believe me I never say no to this delicious dal .  As the title suggest, Dal Makhani is the quintessential celebratory lentil for Northern India. Its silky consistency, tangy flavors, and concentrated richness is unequaled in any Indian bean or lentil dish. 
Daal Makhani, Maa ki Daal, and Dal Maharani are few of the names for this quintessential lentil in Northern …