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Kashmiri pulao

Combination of spices and dry fruits and delicate flavor of saffron makes this rice delicacy very special. This aromatic pulao will definitely make a special place in your dinner/lunch menus . 
kashmiri pulao recipe

Haak Saag

Another simple recipe of kashmiri cuisine goes well with rice, Haak saag...Indian food is full of magical spices as I mentioned earlier, all spices which we use in Indian food have medicinal value....aroma and flavor of these spices does magic when blended properly. Indian curries are very aromatic and healthy. Today I am sharing a very special kashmiri green dish with you all, named Haak Saag. kashmiri saag is very simple make...this is the way they make it ..

Haak Saag
1 kg - Spinach (palak) or Kashmir Spinach or kaanyi haak or kohlrabi greens or collard greens, cleaned, thick stem removed and leaves left whole,

 3 to 4 cups - water
 1 tsp - salt
 8 - whole Red Chilies /green chilies
1 tsp - asafetida (hing)
1 tbsp - oil
 2 tbsp - Mustard oil
Put a large pot of water on to boil, and add salt, chillies, asafoetida

Kashmiri paneer

 Finally settled in the Capital, shifting and settling down again is really a difficult phase of service life but we have to bear with it as there are so many positive things attached to it.  I have explored so many beautiful places of India and got along with so many beautiful personalities and .....ya my favorite past time to explore different cuisines...that is again possible because of services next in series of kashmiri cuisine is my favorite kashmiri paneer/ cottage cheese. I am sharing an authentic recipe with you from one of my kashmiri friend vandana's dairy....must try this recipe !!!

Kashmiri paneer / cottage cheese