Reddish Stuffed Maize Flour Fried Bread ' Bharwa Makki ki kachori'

Makka ki stuffed kachori is a delicacy of Utter Pradesh, a very amazing combination of crispness and taste. Variation of stuffing will give exiting twist to this delightful dish ...makka ki kachori can be accomplished with green coriander chutney and aloo tamater ki sabji 

Ma kka ki kachori' stuffed maize flour fried bread

For dough :

Maize flour/ Makki ka atta......2 cup

wheat flour ......1/2 cup

salt......1 tsp

warm water as required 

For stuffing:-

reddish- 1 big grated 

green chilli - 1chopped

green coriander-1/4cup chopped 

salt-as per taste

red chilli powder-1tsp

amchoor powder-1/2 tsp

cauliflower-1 big grated

green chilli -1 chopped

green coriander-1/4 cup chopped

salt,red chilli, amchoor powder as per taste

peas- 1 cup "boiled and mashed"

green chilli -1chopped

green coriander-1/4 cup chopped

salt , red chilli , dry mango 'amchoor' powder-as per taste


Mix flour ,salt and make a soft dough with the help of warm water and keep aside.

squeeze grated radish and mix all other ingredients 

same method you can use for other fillings also...

now make a small balls with dough

take a ball and roll it into roundels atleast 21/2cm diameter make 20

roundels like this

now take one of them and put a spoon of filling on it cover it with 

another one and seal all sides with the help of water roll a little and

 deep fry it till golden in colour.

make all of them like this and serve hot with green coriander cutney .


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