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Bread is a great survivor in Army, guest can knock your door any time just any time...and we army wife's are excellent hosts we are always ready to serve even in midnight :p at that point most helpful or i must say most important thing you should always have in your fridge is Bread can use Bread in any meal breakfast, lunch or dinner, How !!!! that is a secret ....My experience of last 22 years of marriage thought me this :) ...I have already shared recipes like Bread rolls, Bread Dahi Vadas , Bread Pudding ect.  Today Bread rollard / Baked bread rolls .     

Baked Bread Rollards made with very less oil without really compromising on the taste. These bread rolls can also be pan fried with little oil on the pan. made with very less oil without really compromising on the taste. These bread rolls can also be pan fried with little oil on the pan. I filled these baked bread rolls with veggies,cottage cheese and cheese stuffing. You can also make these bread rolls with any other stuffing like paneer and peas, green filling like spinach and mushroom, cabbage and carrot and  even bean cheese or any other stuffing of your choice. Let your imaginations go wild and come up with new ideas and you can make different types of baked bread rolls every time.

I always prefer fresh bread for making these rollards , as it is really easy to handle fresh bread while rolling one day old bread will also do, but do not use old bread .

 You can even try making these bread rolls with any leftover veggies in your kitchen. I often do that this is the best way to use leftovers.  To make these baked bread rolls I used sandwich bread as it is little big and perfect square shaped that gives enough room for the stuffing. I also took out the crust so that bread can easily be rolled. I rolled the bread over Italian seasoning (this idea I got from one of the f.b post) so that all the seasoning gets stuck to the bread and easier to handle.

 You can make these baked bread rolls for parties or kid’s tiffin box, have them as snacks, and even you can consider it as good travel food  or whenever you are looking for something quick, easy and different. I am sure you are going to love them. Watch my easy to follow step by step recipe of Baked Bread Rolls:

 Bread Rolls Baked | Stuffed Bread Rolls | Non-fried Snack Recipe  

Non fried bread rolls


 Bread slices: 6
 Onion: ½ cup (Fine chopped)
 Bell peppers or capsicum: ½ cup (Fine 
 Frozen corns: ½ cup (defrost)
 Crumbled cottage cheese : 1/2 cup
 Chilly flakes: ½ tsp or to taste
 Green Chilly: 1 fine chopped
 Grated mozzarella cheese: ½ cup
 Salt: To taste
Italian seasoning
 Olive Oil (or any other oil you prefer)

1.   Heat little oil in a pan.Add onions and saute till they change their colour. Add capsicum and saute for 2-3

2. Now add frozen corns and cook till veggies become little tender.In between add salt, chilly flakes, green
    chilly and mix everything.

3 .Once veggies are little tender add cottage cheese in it mix well and transfer them in a bowl.. let it cool
    down for some time.

4. Take out bread crusts and roll the bread over the seasoning with the help of rolling pin.

5. Take generous amount of veggie filling and put it on the bread, now add grated cheese.Hold the bread
    from one side and fold it and make a roll as shown in picture.

6. At the end put little water and gently press the bread so that everything sticks together.

Pre-heat oven at 380F or 190C and lined the baking sheet with aluminum foil.Transfer the rolls on the sheet and bake them for 6-8 minutes.Flip them over bake them again for 6-8 minutes or till they become light brown and crispy.Bread rolls are ready to serve.

# You can use any type of stuffing of your choice.
#  Bread roll is a very good tiffen solution kids just love it..
#  Bread roll can be consider as travel food also. 


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