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Kathal masaledar ( jackfruit curry)

Jackfruit a wonderful vegetable although, people find it difficult to handle raw jackfruit but it tasts superb when cooked properly i am sure this step by step recipe will help you to make this excellent dish.

Kathal masaledar ( jackfruit curry)

Carrots halwa in pressure cooker ( Quick carrot fudge)

Gajar halwa is   my favorite. The way we make gajar halwa very time consuming. These days everybody is so busy in daily jobs that eventually we  compromise with readymade market stuff idea which type of ghee they are using and being parents we are always worried about our families' health specially kids and elderly . So this time I thought why not try some quick version of halwa I asked one of my aunt....she is a perfect cook and a working lady, and to my surprise she told me a quick version of gajar halwa in pressure cooker as well as in microwave. I tried her recipe and found it perfect .... their was not much difference in taste also, infact very less amount of ghee and milk  was consumed in it . 
Gajar Ka Halwa-Carrot Halwa Recipe in pressure cooker