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Vegetable kofta curry

Winter is my favorite season, this is the best for all vege lovers b cause we get ,wonderfully fresh vegetables in this season fridge is overloaded with vegeis....but v all know how the kids just hate repetition of menu when I was struggling with their demand of no repetition ....just an idea clicked in my mind why not mix all the vegetables and make something different and interesting kofta curry  .... Vegetable Kofta Curry Recipe is a thick curd based curry recipe, in which Crispy Vegetable Pakode are cooked and flavored with Indian Spices and Masala.


Mirchi halwa/ Green Chilli Fudge

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY ...I am sure most of you are enjoying this day with your valentine is also with me enjoy your day with love and passion ..
Recently visited barbecue nation with my loving sister ...enjoyed a lot , lots of chit chat ...thanks di for wonderful luncheon the food was awesome specially pudding, among all puddings we enjoyed MIRCHI HALWA most. This was the first time I heard this name..... was so curious that I started searching for the recipe ....and to my surprise I found out that this is a speciality of Maurya Sheraton ...from the net search I found out few recipes but I was not very satisfied with any......So I decided to mix and match two recipes and try it out myself .... I got wonderful results and everyone at home including e few friends liked it and the best part is .....they couldn't guess that it is made of green chilies .....everyone guessed it differntly......


Eggless Donut rings

Something special for my vegan friends .....Donuts!!! Ya my daughters favorite. Eggless doughnuts offer a delicious, tempting dessert treat to all sweet lovers who are vegetarians. The freshly baked/fried eggless doughnuts taste awesome and makes for an enticing evening snack dish. Prepare these round, golden brown, sugar dusted eggless doughnuts at home with this easy recipe.