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Veg keema parantha | Nutri keema parantha | Soya stuffed Indian bread

Break the fast of several hours of abstinence from food, is what breakfast literally means. Our brain which was at rest during the night needs to be rejuvenated and energized again in the morning. This makes breakfast a very important and crucial meal of the day and healthy breakfast is very important for our good health. This is the reason I always insist on healthy options.
At my home breakfast is consider to be a very important meal and weekday menus are decided one day prior. The Weekend's menu is the responsibility of my daughters and as you know kids are kids, very often they demand for fast food like burger, pizzas, kathi roll and so on ...once in a while I get the opportunity to decide weekend breakfast and to show my culinary skills, for sure I use my talent to give them a power pack healthy breakfast.
Keema is an immensely popular dish in India made usually with Lamb. Being a vegetarian I usually stay out of those joints where they serve meat preparations but my daughters …

Besan Ke Tinde | Round gourd roasted with gram flour

Another  recipe in the series 'summer bites'. Tinda / round guard or Indian baby pumpkin whatever you say, taste wise I would give 10/10 to this vegetable if cooked properly with love and passion. I always recommend this vegetable as it easily creates a place in your party menu also. In my previous posts I had shared the  recipe 
A very interesting recipe, tinda's roasted in achari masalas and germ flour. It's very aromatic and tasty. The blend of different spices that is used to pickle it is called the achari masala and achari is a type of curry made in India by using a combination of these masalas. It gives a very aromatic flavor to a curry. 
Besan ke Tinde / Round Gourd Roasted With Gram Flour

5-6 Tindas / Round gourd washed & chopped into quarter peices (Tinda's are generally round so cut them in 4 equal parts) 1 medium sized onion washed & finely chopped 1 table spoon ginger chopped  1/2 tsp Jeera Salt to taste 1/4 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 ts…