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Yakhani pulav

Being posted in Srinagar, I got to know a lot about kashmiri food, As I mentioned earlier, kashmiri cuisine is more popular for their non veg dishes . Kashmiri food is very much influenced with Avadhi cuisine. Being a vegetarian I tried to convert them into vege versions , most of them came out excellently with almost the same flavor and aroma .
Yakhani is a famous kashmiri food, mildly spiced meat dish, made in yogurt based sauce. Yakhani is usually made with mutton as the meat. I replaced meat with veg chicken/ soya chunks and added vegetables in it. The most important aspect of Yakhani is its aromatic flavor, it is an aromatic spicy dish full of cardamom and cinnamon.
As per the actual authentic recipe meat was marinated in roasted and grounded spices and then cooked to make soup / broth/ yakhni . Rice is cooked in yakhni which means “soup” or “stock”.  the stock is made first by cooking the meat with the spices. this is a veg version. I gave a twist to this, for vegetarian version, …

Hi friends yammly is created for this blog so now you can yum recipes directly save them and enjoy later ...

Ambgoori launji | sweet and sour mango chutney

Ambgoori launji is interesting ....I gave it this name because in this chutney grapes (angoor) are cooked with raw mangoes( Ambi ) so it is Ambgoori.... Raw mangoes are good for health and contain vital vitamins and minerals. These tasty green fruits are good to be eaten in the summer season and can make a perfect recipe for the taste. And we all know the health benefits of grapes. Like other berries, grapes are highly nutritious and valuable with plenty of curative agents. It has high content of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. It also contains many health-promoting flavonoids. The deeper the color of the grapes, the richer the flavonoids. Mixture of these two is a bundle of health.
Bunch of sweet & sour grapes was lying in my fridge for long and I was looking for some opportunity to consume them, when my daughter who is very fond of raw mangoes bought raw mangoes I  quickly thought for this recipe ....I was not sure how it will taste..but it came out tastier than the regular launji ..…

Bread roll | Baked Bread rollard

Bread is a great survivor in Army, guest can knock your door any time just any time...and we army wife's are excellent hosts we are always ready to serve even in midnight :p at that point most helpful or i must say most important thing you should always have in your fridge is Bread can use Bread in any meal breakfast, lunch or dinner, How !!!! that is a secret ....My experience of last 22 years of marriage thought me this :) ...I have already shared recipes like Bread rolls, Bread Dahi Vadas , Bread Pudding ect.  Today Bread rollard / Baked bread rolls .     

Baked Bread Rollards made with very less oil without really compromising on the taste. These bread rolls can also be pan fried with little oil on the pan. made with very less oil without really compromising on the taste. These bread rolls can also be pan fried with little oil on the pan. I filled these baked bread rolls with veggies,cottage cheese and cheese stuffing. You can also make these bread rolls with an…