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Paneer frankie / paneer Kathi roll

last Sunday suddenly had some guests over lunch,...Sundays are a total holiday for me , I just want to take a break from cooking on Sundays and usually make brunch smartly (combined breakfast with lunch) just to avoid extra cooking ;p   After searching vegetable basket which is usually empty on Sunday mornings because Sunday is a grocery and vegetable shopping day ...I Found only cabbage , few tomatoes and a small bunch of spring onion and a packet of cottage cheese so i thought best would be frankie or Kathi rolls with bowl of soup and that was enough to impress them.  These rolls are perfect for breakfast or brunch as a side dish you can easily accomplish it with yakhani biryani or some rice dish with curd dip or raita. 

200 gms Paneer (cottage cheese) cut into long strips  1 cup Whole wheat flour (atta) 1/2 cup Maida  Salt to taste Oil 1 Tbsp 2 large onion finally sliced  1 large tomato finally sliced  1 small bunch spring onion …

strawberry cream pudding

An essential part of a fabulous meal is pudding / desserts, a good dessert can turn an average meal into a memorable feast. During berry season it is so simple to make exotic puddings.  When I got married to an Army Officer, throwing party was my biggest nightmare as every time I had to cook something different and perfect,as all other course mates wife's were excellent cooks and often I had heard stories of their awesome cooking from my husband as he use to visit them or you can say bother them very often ( bachelor attacks ) ;p My Waterloo was puddings, thank God my cooking has improved over the years other wise this blog would not exist. My family has developed sweet tooth with my experiments and successful recipes specially my daughters ....they just love desserts and often refused to have puddings outside ......they just love homemade puddings. All credit goes to my seniors and off course my friends, they taught me how to make puddings from scratch.  Lots of strawberries lying i…