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Aloo ke gutke / potato dry curry

Aloo ke gutke 

Aloo ke gutke is the pahadi name for potatoes stir fried in spices. The word gutke in the local kumaoni dialect means pieces. If you have ever travelled to the hills of Uttaranchal, you will find this to be the most common snack served by the local tea vendors.  The potatoes of hills have a peculiar sweet taste to it, which gives this dish a very unique flavor....over the years aloo ke gutke has become quite a popular dish among the tourists and food lovers. Aloo ke gutke are generally served with pahadi kheere ka raita and hot cup of tea as accomplishment.......the combination of curd and tea may sound odd, but that is the usual menu of a typical kumaoni  tea time affair. 

This combination of pungent mustard flavored pahadi kheere ka raita and aloo ke gutke prepared in mustard oil and tempered with jakhiya together gives a nice comfortable warmth in winters also.

Jakhiya seeds are used for tempering almost all types of vegetables and curries in the kumaon and garhwal region…

Kulath ki daal / horse gram millet

It's been long ...I was busy with my new baby venture , my jwelery business trying to put it into shape, completing my orders, build up my online shop....Drumbeads  And was trying to start up my dream project ....must visit my Instagram pages -minal's spice world as well as Drumbeads ....:) While I was busy with my new venture I had left some recipes lined up in my posting them now. Continuation of tasty mountain food ( kumaoni cuisine ) I wanted to share pahari Dal / kulath ki dal / mandua ki dal / horse gram millet  Kulath or Horsegram is also know as Gahat. This dal is tempered with gandharein. Searching on what it is, I came to know it's a sort of heeng, I couldn't get it so I used regular heeng and cumin seeds.

Kulath Ki daal / Gahat 

Ingredients :
Mandua Kulath .....1 cup  Rice Paste..............2 Tbsp  Turmeric powder.....1 tsp
Coriander powder....1 tsp Garlic......................5/6 in no.
Ginger....................20 grams 
Red Chilly powder......1…