Tipsy pudding

Life is like a roller-coaster, happiness and sadness take you to the ride and you are a person riding on it with an open mouth and waiting what is the next adventure waiting for you like everyone else i am also in a verge of settling my daughters and preparing them for the next adventure of their life.....
 A practical experience of this world... Now they're opening there wings and trying to take a happy flight towards independent life. Now they have to learn to balance between responsibilities,work, and enjoyment lets see how perfectly they will take this flight. My contribution is just to guide them along.. with less jerks and potholes lets see how much i succeed.
 One of my contribution is this food blog. Whatever i share, it always in back of my mind that some day my daughters will need me when may be i am not around... That time they can feel me through my recipes..

With this sweet note today I am starting my new series i.e puddings 

Last so many days i am getting continues request for pudding recipes.
First of all i wanted to thanks my friends and blog readers for their love and appreciation.
First in series is most delighted Tipsy pudding...... Tipsy pudding is one of our (Army fraternity) favorite pudding. I am sure most of the readers from army agree with me. Since I got married this is 'The' pudding I am making for my soldier and his friends and till now it is one of his favorites.
For Tipsy pudding i usually soak cake in sherry or brandy but it is an optional ingredient you can omit and replace it with any juice of your choice.

Tipsy pudding ( English triffle)


We needed..

1 small square sponge cake
For soaking..
1 cup of any juice ( I prefer fresh orange juice) 
For topping..
400 gm fresh dairy cream
2 cups finally chopped assorted fruits ( like mango,bananas, grapes,kiwi,pineapple, charry etc..)
2 tbsp pineapple/ mix fruit jam
2 drops essence
* 1/4 cup sherry/brandy (optional)
Fruit slices for decoration

1. Prepare the yellow sponge cake according to directions using a 9-inch cake pan (reserve
    one layer for another use). cut baked cake layer horizontally into two equal layers.
2. Place one sliced layer into a trifle dish or a large square glass bowl with straight sides.
  cover with 1/2 cup jam and half of the sliced strawberries. Pour approximately half of the orange        juice over the cake or until it is moist but not sloppy.
3.  Pour 1/4 cup sherry or brandy over the top, as evenly as possible. Place the second sliced cake    layer on top and cover with remaining jam and strawberries, pour remaining orange juice and sherry or brandy over the top.
4. Beat fresh cream with whisker or electric beater till little fluffy add powdered sugar in it and beat for 2 more min. do not over beat. now add chopped fruits of your choice in it, mix well add few drops of  vanilla essence.    decorate with toasted sliced almonds or sliced strawberry / cherries . Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. 

for decoration 
you can use sliced almonds, sliced fruit of your choice and serve in a round glass ....



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