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Showing posts from March 27, 2016

Black urad dal ( Dal Makhani) in crockpot

Slow cooker brought life in my lazy days. This Sunday got a massage from a very dear friend they wanted to visit you know I consider my Sundays as rest days and I just want to relax and spend my time watching movies. At this time slow cooker came to my rescue..haha!!! And I decided to make dal makhani and rice for dinner. Though I was trying dal makhani first time in my crockpot but I remember One of the chef of famous hotel told me that this daal tastes best when cooked on slow fire for 4-5 hours, so I thought to give it a try ....My hubby really liked my idea as we were planning to watch movie. My mom also tells me that when she was young  Dal makhani would be cooked really slowly overnight on the dying embers of the fire. This method is what gives this lentil dish its soft creamy texture (and not by adding bucket loads of cream!). So my slow cooking test started ...and believe me I never had such a creamy and tasty dal before, My friends were totally impressed with my slow …

Traditional rice kheer in crockpot

Recently my sis-in law gifted me crockpot. This is an electrical cooking gadget that has a removable internal pot. The heat is usually applied around the sides of the pot. ...different types of crockpots are available in market these days (few of them have settings for different dishes) but mine is the simple one and more effective with  three manual settings for heat control's actually a really convenient way to cook, and you can safely leave everything to cook overnight or all day.